The Extra Kitchen Mission: 

Extra Kitchen is a commercial kitchen located in Santa Cruz, California.  Extra Kitchen was created to aid the many entrepreneurs that desire to start or expand a food manufacturing business by providing a clean and efficient work space and offer help (if needed) with distribution, marketing, ingredient sourcing and strategic planing and scaling.   If you are just starting and need advice on how to get a health permit we will help, or if your gourmet product line is at 50 stores and you are ready to scale to 500 stores we are ready to give advice and occasionally lend a hand!  The owners are usually onsite to give advice and tips if needed or wanted.   Your success and growth means our success as a commercial kitchen, so we are happy to help!


Grow Your Business Faster!

* Clean Stylish Kitchens *

* Food Grade Storage *

​Available NOW for rent!

Kitchen "One"
Nice area for food startups and companies who need mostly table space. Convection oven and induction burners available. Room for 3-4 people to work at once.
Kitchen "Two"
This is a larger kitchen with full size convection ovens and LOTS of table space. 20 Quart Mixer and induction burners also included in this kitchen. This kitchen has its own three compartment sink. Nice room for up to 8-10 employees to work at once.
Kitchen "A"
Another kitchen with a GREAT layout. Room for a company with up to 4-5 employees to work.
Kitchen "B"
Our smallest kitchen but it often comes in handy! Has its own three compartment sink and good amount of table space. One to Three employees at once can work here.
Kitchen "C"
Our Largest Kitchen. This kitchen has lots of equipment, convection ovens, induction burners and much more! There are three stations here so up to three companies can share this kitchen. This kitchen has its own three compartment sink. This is the only kitchen that can be used by different companies at the same time.
Available Storage
We have lots of storage on pallet racks available. Larger storage means your company can buy in larger quantities and bring your costs down! We have forklifts to load and unload trucks! We have loading docks for receiving pallets of ingredients!
Many Sinks!
An example of the many sinks you will find here at Extra Kitchen. In any of our FIVE kitchens you are only steps away from a hand wash sink, fruit and veggie wash sink and Three compartment sink.
Some of the equipment in Kitchen C
Convection ovens, Rack Oven, Induction Burners. Plenty of table prep space!
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Extra Kitchen - 254 Potrero Street Santa Cruz, CA 95060 - 831-227-5069