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Grow Your Business Faster!

* Clean Stylish Kitchens *

* Food Grade Storage *

​Available NOW for rent!

The Extra Kitchen Mission: 

Santa Cruz Commercial Kitchens available now!  Extra Kitchen's private and shared kitchens are created to aid the many entrepreneurs that desire to start or expand a food manufacturing business by providing a clean and efficient work space and offer help (if needed) with distribution, marketing, ingredient sourcing and strategic planing and scaling.   If you are just starting and need advice on how to get a health permit we will help, or if your gourmet product line is at 50 stores and you are ready to scale to 500 stores we are ready to give advice and occasionally lend a hand!  The owners are usually onsite to give advice and tips if needed or wanted.   Your success and growth means our success as a commercial kitchen, so we are happy to help!

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