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What Our Kitchen offers:

Extra Kitchen has FIVE kitchens on site that can be configured to accommodate all kinds of products, from beverages like Kombucha and fresh juices to baked goods like cookies pies, granola, chocolates, to salsas and sauces and of course much more!!!  We have room for pallet racks of storage, two shipping docks, and also forklifts are available if needed!

At Extra Kitchen you will find prep-space, large and medium scale equipment, warehousing, expert know-how and a wonderful community of innovative producers focused on producing gourmet foods for a wide range of specialty food stores and farmers markets.  All this in a clean, secure, light-filled facility located in downtown Santa Cruz near the intersection of Highway 1 and 17.


 Call us for a tour or more information!



  • We have modern, clean, functional kitchens for you

  • Many prime days and times are available

  • Very clean kitchen space with plenty of prep-table room

  • Great location off Hwy 1 and Hwy 17, River Street exit

  • Many work stations and plenty of cutting board space

  • Lots of room for your own commercial refrigerator or freezer!

  • Hobart 20 Quart Mixer

    Hobart 60 Quart Mixer coming soon!


  • Commercial Induction Burners and Convection Ovens

  • Room to bring in your own equipment!

  • Good parking available

  • Kitchen is available 24 hours 7 days a week

  • Large amount of dry storage available

  • Plenty of room to grow,  Pallet Racks and Forklifts available!

  • Shipping Dock

  • WiFi

Attention Bakers!


Extra Kitchen’s baking areas are spacious and accommodate large volume production to support companies that are ready to scale up!


We have ovens designated for baking ONLY!  We have full size sheet pan Vulcan convetion ovens as well as an AMAZING LBC rack oven that fits 16 sheet pans at a time and cooks every one evenly!

Extra Kitchen is open 24/7 to support baking at all hours! Contact us for a tour or to discuss your commercial kitchen needs!











Help and Advice when needed!

Extra Kitchen is more than just a commercial kitchen for rent, we offer help using our experience with distribution, marketing, ingredient sourcing and strategic planing and scaling.   


If you are just starting and need advice on how to get a health permit we will help, or if your product line is at 50 stores and ready to scale to 500 stores we are ready to give advice and occasionally lend a hand!  

From supporting each other, to learning, creating and planning, every food producer that rents at Extra Kitchen is part of a special community and there are many synergies that work between companies!

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